The 5 All-Time Best Kitchen Redos on Fixer Upper

Four seasons into Fixer Upper (with Season Five coming soon!), Chip and Joanna Gaines are a force in the home-renovation industry, responsible for introducing the word “shiplap” to even the least handy among us. The lovable banter between the two is infectious — not to mention the wow-worthy makeovers they pull off every episode. Our favorite part of each show? When the new kitchen gets revealed. It’s often the most dramatic change, when dated, well-worn cabinetry and blah tiles get swapped for a brand-new cooking space.

We love nearly every kitchen makeover on Fixer Upper, but we were able to narrow this list down to five of our favorites.

1. Fixer Upper Takes on MidCentury Modern

Before, banks of white laminate cabinets lined an oddly situated, closed-off kitchen. Chip and Joanna opened things way up, with a dramatic island topped with glass-and-brass shelving and striking black cabinets that make the whole space feel enormous. What we love most about this kitchen is that it’s a clear departure from the duo’s usual style.

2. The Fixer Upper That Floats

Before, it was a vision in wood: Wood-paneled walls with wood-toned cabinets. After, the space kept a hint of the wood — along the countertops and island — but opened the walls to take in the water view, cleverly incorporating open shelving to make the most of the houseboat. Black base cabinetry and metal accents anchor the cabinetry in the modernized space.

See more pics: Fixer Upper: It Floats! at HGTV

3. Texas-Sized House, Small-Town Charm

The original kitchen was cramped and dated, full of bad retro wood-toned cabinets with uninspired hardware, scratched laminate countertops, and nearly-vintage appliances. To fix it up, Joanna and Chip actually relocated the kitchen to a whole new spot, paving the way for an airy space accented with seaglass-blue tiles, a butcher-block island, and tons of base cabinet storage to make the space feel huge.

4. The Barndominium

The previous kitchen could nicely be described as quaint: sweet wallpaper, traditional cabinets, and simple white countertops. But by opening up a pass-through and adding eye-catching tile and rustic-industrial accents, the kitchen now speaks back to the house’s barn-like architecture while feeling totally modern, too.

5. A Fresh Beginning for a Texas Mom

Before, this kitchen felt super-small with its blood-red walls, bad faux-wood countertop, and a weird pass-through in a space closed off from the dining room. To fix it up, Chip and Joanna changed the floor plan to make it open into the dining area, then lightened and brightened the whole space with white upper cabinets and gray lowers to make it feel larger, and pretty, traditional tiles and fixtures to fit in with the rest of the home.

This post originally ran on Kitchn. See it there: Our 5 Favorite Kitchen Renovations on Fixer Upper



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