7 Times Dogs of Instagram Were So Not Helpful Around The House

More often than not, our animals are completely unimpressed by all our hard work around the house. Sure, some like the chaos of playing chase with bits of scrap wood, or exploring new items that magically arrive at home, but, for the most part, they want nothing to do with noise and commotion. As long as their food appears at the right time, and their bed is comfy, they’re good. What a bunch of bums!

Over the years, I’ve had many pets with different attitudes towards DIY and remodeling projects. My current golden retriever pup (named Maple Syrup) is totally into batting around bits of spray insulation that make their way to the floor, or stealing shims from dad’s work pile to use as makeshift chew toys (which we, of course, make sure to confiscate quickly so no harm is done). That said, she isn’t into anything involving an air compressor or loud banging, and can often be found snuggling in bed while the humans remodel her palace for her —something Honey Badger, above, can certainly relate to.

Here are a few other pets that share her sentiment, found on Instagram under #remodelingsucks.

Since Penny Lane isn’t helping with the tile spacers, the least she could do is fetch him a drink from the refrigerator. Four-legged job forewomen are the best.

This tag-along pooch probably isn’t big on getting her paws dirty, she is more than happy to accompany mom on a Home Depot run for more supplies.

Finn and Maverick probably aren’t any good at laying new flooring, but they appear to be great snugglers. I’m sure she isn’t the only one who has caught a cat nap in a dog bed after a recent move or remodel.

This project left Rigby the Boston Terrier wondering when (and how) he can use the loo.

When it’s raining AND your home is under construction, the obvious place to seek refuge is in the youngster’s bunk bed. In a dog pile of course….

Some of the toughest times during a remodel are when the water is turned off. It’s something we take for granted — until we can’t flush a toilet or shower on command. Clover and Poppy look elated to guard the paint buckets (and for their owner to have the water back up and running).

Do you have some snapshots of your favorite pet during a remodel? Maybe they were helping by rubbing up against your newly painted wall or making feet prints across the kitchen floor? We want to see!

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