The ‘Florist Bandit’ Strikes New York Again — This Time For Valentine’s Day

Need an extra reason to stop and smell the roses today? New York City’s aptly named “florist bandit” is back at it with a guerrilla bouquet installation for Valentine’s Day.

Even if you don’t have a Valentine, florist Lewis Miller is here to make your day. His Flower Flash installations have been delighting New Yorkers for the past year, like when he turned literal trash cans into beautiful arrangements last spring.

The first Flower Flash is at 14th Street and 6th Avenue, and features an abundance of pink carnations in striped boxes with red hearts, with a graffitied storefront in the background.

In his Instagram post about the popup bouquet, Miller thanked Tory Burch for the flowers, which were featured in the designer’s Fall 2018 runway show on Friday.

Though this isn’t the only installation from Miller to pop up today; commuters heading to or from the W 4th Street-Washington Square station will be greeted by a giant heart made of roses, poppies, irises, and more.

Here are some more images from 14th Street this morning:

You can follow the hashtag LMDxNYC on Instagram for more photos.



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