This $1 Garden Supply Item is a Decorating Secret Weapon

I love finding overlooked products in hardware and garden supply stores that I never knew I needed. I recently discovered one hiding right under my nose that’s a clever, inexpensive way to add life and style to a living space. I, for one, can’t wait to use it at home.

What is it? A flower pot clip. They are a quick, easy and cheap way to hang plants. Simply drill a hole, hang the hardware onto your chosen surface, then clip on a planter. If they sound pretty basic, it’s because they are. But look what you can do with them indoors:

Here, Caitlin from A Merry Thought used a handful of clips to create a minimalist living wall that’s part garden, part decor. What’s great is that the clips themselves are pretty invisible, so the plants get all the attention. Caitlin thoughtfully outlines each step of this very easy project. The most important thing is making sure they are secure: use anchors if you can’t drill directly into a stud.

(If plants aren’t your thing, consider using this same idea to hold utensils in a kitchen, beauty supplies in a bathroom or arts and crafts supplies in a playroom.)

Buy Them Here from Amazon Prime:

Here, you can see a close-up of them in action on Etsy shop Jim’s Orchid Supply, (he also sells them, $38/pack of 25). These fit most clay flower pots from 2″ to 8″ as long as they have the standard lip. Seen here decorating an outdoor post, they’d also be great to decorate a fence in your backyard.

Of course, if you’re a renter, you might not want to drill a bunch of holes into your walls. In that case, take a page from Julie Blanner’s book and use a series of adhesive, removable hooks to hang some pots on a wall or the sides of a cabinet. It’s a great way to get an indoor herb garden started in your kitchen. Check out her instructions here.

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