Gorgeous Ways to Make Your Home a Lush Green Oasis

We just got a tease of spring here in Florida, and it’s making me itch to plant again. Living an apartment life means having not having a full outdoor garden, but that won’t stop me from turning our home into a green oasis. From your floors, to the walls, to the ceilings, here’s how to turn your home into a bonafide indoor jungle.

Gather all your plants in one place for a quick way to make any space lush. A DIY plant stand, like this beauty on The Merry Thought, helps vary the height of your potted plants to better layer the different textures and colors in your collection.

If you want to really go for it, take plants all the way up a vertical wall with some inexpensive shelving units. This set up from Dabito at Old Brand New manages to be both visually stimulating and extremely relaxing at the same time.

A window shelf, plant display is a win-win. You get a pretty privacy screen and your plants get all the sun they need! Find the tutorial on Design*Sponge.

A lot of DIYs claim to be plant walls, but Caitlin’s truly is. I had no idea plant clips were a thing, but now that I do, my indoor garden is going to take on new heights.

Brittany Jepsen of The House That Lars Built made this next level Polish chandelier planter (aka pajaki) chandelier planter. She lined a papier mache chandelier body with plastic liner to make it plant proof, but you could go another direction and find a ring planter to turn into a chandelier.

These stunning brass ring hanging planters featured on A Beautiful Mess were inspired by mid-century modern log holders! These sculptural pieces would be perfect in your home. Rachel also shares her pro tip for choosing hanging plants- go for larger air plants or trailing succulents so you don’t have to take them down for watering as often.

Try layering with bigger, fewer plants. Basic IKEA planters get a facelift by Sugar & Cloth with bright pastels and the cacti really pop against the white sand.

Moving up from the floors, here are two crazy easy DIY planters that will make any credenza more styled. Can you guess how Erin of Francois et moi’s mid-century modern planter is made?

Did you know the best time to repot is during the dormant season instead of active growing? I made these no-sew plant wraps to help disguise plastic pots until your babies are ready for new homes or if you have a large plant and can’t find the perfect pot.

Up to the walls! These hanging pocket planters on Design Love Fest create adorable vignettes wherever you hang them. Make sure to layer stones at the bottom to keep your succulents from getting waterlogged (or go faux).

Are you guys as ready for spring planting as I am?

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Illustrations in the video are by Bodil Jane.

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