Before and After: The $100 Closet-Turned-Mudroom Makeover

Other than the John Malkovich/Narnia door in the back, this was a totally ordinary closet. Thanks to a clever vision, some spatial strategizing, and a bunch of affordable accessories from IKEA and Target, this closet is now a super-handy mini-mudroom — and the whole makeover cost less than $100.

For such a small space — just 3’x3.75′ — this room now contains an enormous amount of super-smart storage. It was created by Linda of The Home I Create, and it features the amazing IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet (upgraded with marble contact paper and numbered knobs) that doubles as a landing strip, a little stool for shoe application and removal, a pretty tray for corralling essentials, a bulletin board for family communication, a mirror for “last looks,” high and low hooks for adults’ and kids’ coats, baskets for various accessories (so handy for hats, gloves, and scarves), a colorful rug for pizzazz and carpet protection, a hanging file holder for mail, and even a light to make it all visible. If all this is possible in such a teeny space, I’m convinced that the rest of us can add utility and practicality to our (generally) larger rooms.

The additional genius of this project is that, while it’s super easy to keep organized, if it does somehow become temporarily messy (happens to the best of us!), the disorder can be instantly hidden with just the shut of a door. Every home I’ve lived in has inevitably featured a jumble of damp boots, coats, umbrellas, bags, and keys right inside the door. It’s all necessary stuff, but it’s a mess, and it would be amazing to be able to hide it! Congrats to Linda for solving such a common home conundrum.

Thank you, The Home I Create! Check out the full project post for process and resource links!



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