Artistic Inspiration: Michaelangelo’s Tuscan Villa Is For Sale

If you’ve ever wanted to live like a Renaissance master, now is your chance. Michaelangelo’s 16th century Tuscan villa is on the market for a cool €7.5 million (about $9.3 million).

The sculptor of David and painter of the Sistine Chapel bought the Chianti farmhouse in 1549, while he was working on the design and construction of St. Peter’s Basilica for the Vatican. The famed artist was 74 at the time, and the property comes with the original deed signed by him. The property remained in the Buonarroti family for over 300 years—until 1867.

In addition to some impressive historical cred (some of the details date back to the 11th century!), the villa boasts ten bedrooms and seven bathrooms across nearly 13,000 square feet. According to the listing, the current owner has restored the place to “accurately tell the rich historical account of this property.”

It sits on six acres in beautiful Tuscan wine country, and also boasts “manicured lawns, 200 olive trees to wander through, and an oil mill turned guesthouse,” according to Architectural Digest.

The villa was previously for sale in 2016.

See more over on Handsome Properties International.



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