Apple Employees Are Reportedly Walking Into Glass Walls

Working for one of the world’s biggest tech companies comes with benefits, but apparently, also hazards. Apple employees are reportedly knocking their noggins by walking into glass walls.

Apple’s new Cupertino, California campus opened last year, with the centerpiece being a ring-shaped building featuring lots of glass for that open minimal feel the company is famous for. Apparently, it looks more open than it is: Bloomberg reported last week that there are “repeated cases of distracted employees walking into the panes, according to people familiar with the incidents.”

Designed by Norman Foster, the campus realizes a vision originated by Steve Jobs, and is being lauded as an architectural marvel. Except for the head bumps, of course.

To be fair to the phone addicted employees at Apple, people walk into glass panes often enough for there to be a market for window and door decals to prevent such incidents. It’s even a law on the books in some states, like New York, for all commercial and public spaces to have such decals.



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