The Best Deal at Costco Even Non-Members Can Enjoy

Costco is a go-to for family-size everything. Do you need a 25-pound bag of flour? An eight-pack of ribeye steaks? This superstore has it. And if you’re feeding a family and have the storage space to keep items you purchase in bulk, there are some real savings to be found.

But the best bargain probably isn’t what you’d expect — and you don’t even have to be a member.

I’m talking about booze — specifically Costco’s Kirkland label. And in case you’re wondering, no, Costco isn’t making its own wine and spirits. Essentially Costco buys wine from producers at a steep discount, bottles it, and sells it to you for a fraction of the cost you’d pay if you bought it under the producer’s label. In fact, Costco is the biggest wine retailer in the U.S.

Non-Kirkland products can also be a good deal. Of course, it might be that your local liquor store has a better deal on a couple of products, but that Costco has better prices on everything else. It’s worth making a trip to each and comparing prices on the bottles you always keep in stock. And, of course, when you’re shopping for a large party, the bargains at Costco are probably your best bet.

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And have no fear if you aren’t a Costco member — according to Lifehacker, you can still take advantage of the deals in the liquor section since many state laws don’t allow for alcohol “clubs.” Tell the greeter you’re there just to buy alcohol, and they should let you in. If that doesn’t work, find a friend with a membership and ask them to buy you a gift card, which acts as a temporary membership card — although if you do this too often, you might as well just spring for a membership of your own.

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This post originally ran on Kitchn. See it there: The Secret Deal at Costco for Non-Members



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