Before & After: An Unbelievable Vintage Bathroom Makeunder

The original bathroom in this 1929 house definitely has a a lot going for it: the tile is totally classic with a unique detail (love that teeny horizontal line), a graceful sink with a charming faucet set, a cool ceiling, and fascinating — perhaps too fascinating — wallpaper. The task before the homeowner was making the most of the good bones while removing everything extra (see ya sink skirt!) and damaged.

This bathroom is now so soothing and sweet. The pink is comforting yet modern, the removal of the sink skirt puts that absolutely great sink on display, and the new window shades provide more privacy (and less visual noise) than the valances did. Without competition from a dozen other black-and-white elements, that still-fresh tile floor is able to shine. This quote from Emily of The Sweet Beast, who completed this makeover, demonstrates a wonderful appreciation for original elements, even if they’re not perfect: “The tile is in impressive shape with only a few broken tiles and some charming glaze crackles.” I love that attitude!

Before anyone bemoans the removal of that admittedly cool wallpaper from the bathroom before, know that some of it “was held together at the seams with scotch tape with sharpie on top to keep the pattern intact.” Now that is some serious DIY spirit! I’m going to pitch “Who Needs New Wallpaper When You Have A Sharpie” to my editors.

Emily’s main challenge turned out to be removing the paste and repairing the plaster once the wallpaper had been painstakingly removed, and it sounds like she experienced the Home Repair Tragic Trifecta while doing so: she did it herself until she cried, she paid someone good money to take over and finish the job, and then she ended up having to fix their work herself. Hats off to you, Emily; I might still be crying on that ladder.

Luckily, Emily is made of stronger stuff than I am, so now we have this lovely bathroom to admire and be inspired by!

Thank you, The Sweet Beast!



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