Walnut Olive Miso Magic Sauce

While, in my book, this will forever be the original magic sauce, this chunky walnut olive miso creation is worthy of the name as well. It works its magic by making everything it goes on more delicious in a deep, savory, nutty, umami way. You combine toasted walnuts, olives, miso, a dusting of oregano, and a dollop of tahini into a chunky condiment of sorts. The tahini lends just the right hint of creaminess.

Walnut Miso Magic Sauce

When I say it boosts everything, I mean from pasta and crackers, salads and soups, tarts and toasts. You think something is good? A dollop (or more!) of this will make it better. It’s also quite flexible, you can make it with hazelnuts, or pine nuts, or even toasted almonds. I even make it with green olives and then stir it into farro for a quick meal. Delish!

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