​Why You Should Keep Coffee Filters in the Living Room

It’s easy — and sometimes good — to be compartmentalized. It’s one way to keep ourselves sane and present in a world of multi-tasking and many-hat-wearing. But when it comes to uses for items around the house, thinking outside the box — or the room, as the case may be — can unearth some pretty handy applications for things we already have on hand. For example, here’s why you shouldn’t relegate coffee filters to the kitchen, but keep some in the living room as well.

Dusty TV screen? That’s no match for a coffee filter. Since coffee filters are lint-free and won’t scratch your screen, they’re the perfect tool for cleaning your LCD TV screen. Just turn your TV off and then use the dry coffee filter to dust by wiping it gently across the screen in a sweeping motion to cover every inch. The filter will gather up all that dust and won’t leave behind any particles. Cleaning your TV screen with a coffee filter will also help to cut down on static, meaning your newly clean TV is likely to attract less dust, too.

While you’re at it, you can give your phone and laptop screens a swipe with the coffee filters as well. (Let’s face it, they’re often hanging out with you and those coffee filters in the living room, too.)

And when the time comes that you need a deeper clean, you can (just slightly) dampen the coffee filter first before running it over your screens.

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