This Upside-Down Tiny House Is Turning the Playground On Its Head

Forget the splinter-prone two-by-fours and rusty nail playgrounds of your elementary school years. The children of tomorrow are getting something a little bit more colorful. British architectural office Alma-nac is set to create The Upside Down House in Green Park Village, located in the city of Reading, England.

According to Dezeen, the whimsical play house will be a exciting spin on the traditional playhouse, with unique twists like a chimney that lifts the house up into the air, and a slide that pops out of an upturned front door. There will also be a drainpipe kids can slide down like a fireman’s pole. Additional features will include a climbing wall, a balcony surrounded by a painted picket fence and a hidden tunnel tucked behind a pair of rose windows.

The Upside Down House is the result of an Architect’s Journal competition known as the House of Colour, which requested creations that are “novel and inspiring concept designs for a £15,000 playhouse or set of playhouses”.

Event though the House’s plan is uber-whimsical, its creative design isn’t meant to be entirely out of place. Instead, the design of the Upside-Down House is a fun play on the style of many of the houses in the area. The Alma-nac says the untraditional design of the house pushes children to look at their surroundings from a different perspective.

“It draws on the formal language of Green Park Village and borrows architectural motifs from that context. The distortion and reorientation of these elements brings a sense of surreal playfulness to the suburban village landscape,” says the firm.

It’ll be a few months before we find out the exact location of the Upside-Down House, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the finished product.



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