You’ve Never Seen a Tiny Home Quite Like This One

Usually, when it comes to small spaces, minimalism is the name of the game — but this tiny house by Texas-based designer Galeana Younger is anything but. While other small spaces stick with a limited palette, this one abounds with color and pattern, from the backsplash to the bathroom floor. Is it a bit much, or just enough? You be the judge.

From the outside this little house, set on a trailer base, gives only the barest hint of the exuberance to be found within. Its form is fairly demure, although the bright yellow-green door provides a splash of color, a hint of what’s to come.

That is… a lot of pattern. A whole, whole lot. But whether this rambunctious design gives you life or makes you a little antsy, there’s no denying this little home’s admirable efficiency. In only 190 square feet, there’s room for a daybed, a small settee, and a fairly generous kitchen (with a folding table for dining). Above the bathroom is a little loft with a second bed, reachable by a folding ladder.

But of course, the thing that truly sets this house apart is its maximalist design. It’s quite unusual to see pattern used as an element in a tiny house, and here it’s all over: the wallpaper surrounding the bed, the backsplash, the rug, the pillows and blankets. Even the dishes in the kitchen, outfitted with smart open shelves with black trim, are a riot of color. It’s all very stimulating — every new angle is a burst of energy.

I have a feeling that opinions about this space will be deeply divided, and that’s fine. I think it’s beautifully executed (the blue ceiling above the bed gives me chills), although I tend to prefer more minimal spaces. This sort of thing is very personal — some people feel very energized by a lot of color and pattern, while others find it overstimulating and maybe even anxiety inducing. Wherever you happen to fall, I hope you feel inspired by the boldness of this little space, whether you decide to go for broke in your own small space, or just create a home that pushes the boundaries in the direction of the things that you love.

This tiny house is a creation of San Antonio-based designer Galeana Younger: you can follow her on Instagram to see more of her work. To see more photos of this little house, check out the full tour on Lonny.



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