Before and After: A Very Unique Twist on Traditional Herringbone Floors

When I saw this living room, I crossed my fingers that the ceiling beams and wood-burning stove survived the renovation. Spoiler alert: they did! Just don’t get too attached to that amazing, but undeniably eccentric, hutch.

(Image credit: Laurine Hoek)

Beams and stove are intact, but the problem now is that they’re utterly upstaged by that astounding floor by Fairwood. It’s a great super-size version of traditional herringbone parquet, and the flooring equivalent of those delightfully enormous chunky knit scarves. It is amazing, and I salute reader Laurine for being this bold and visionary.

The floating storage unit, with its miniature accent wall, is a modern update, and that paint color is gorgeous (but I hope the hutch found a loving new owner).

(Image credit: Laurine Hoek)

Here’s a zoomed out shot that shows how the kitchen flows into the dining room and living room, the very floorplan that drew Laurine to the home in the first place:

When we bought this house, it was dated, and the red furniture was very big for the room. But we fell for this house on the big living room and the cooking island. It is a very nice connection between the living, dinner table and kitchen. Also, the old character of this room with the wooden beams on the ceiling, makes it very cozy. The blue colour in the kitchen was very heavy. And the wooden floor was old and needed to be changed.

It’s hard to tell from the photos that the old floor needed to be replaced, so I appreciate Laurine clarifying, and that blue-painted wall is quite a statement indeed!

(Image credit: Laurine Hoek)

It’s encouraging to see a renovation that isn’t a total renovation; the fascinating cabinetry and very nice looking island are unchanged, and their beauty is enhanced by the changes made elsewhere. I especially like that the upper wall is now painted the same hue as that behind the living room cabinet. That grey works so well with the white, cream, black, and wood palette.

(Image credit: Laurine Hoek)

Here’s a closeup on the living room, with a better view of that enviable courtyard.

(Image credit: Laurine Hoek)

And here it is today — the more minimal storage unit doesn’t distract from the view the way the ornate china cupboard did. That floor pillow/dog bed is a fantastic color; it’s a subtle pop of color that’s perfect with the grey paint and the new floor. Here’s how Laurine described the remodeling process:

Before we moved in this house, we installed a new herringbone floor. We also painted the walls and wooden beams (ceiling). For this, we need around one month to change. The costs for painting where not so high, because we did this by ourselves. But the floor was around €4000 [$4914USD] for the materials and we also laid this floor by ourselves. The installing the floor was a lot of work and this took 2 weeks.

We loved the natural colour of the floor. This also goes well with wooden ceiling beams. If we had this to do differently, we would have had the floor installed by a parketlayer.

I cannot believe they installed this floor themselves, and am even more impressed with this project than I was before. Imagine seeing the world’s most fabulously giant herringbone parquet in a store, and not only declaring that it would look great in your home but that you would be installing it yourself, thank you very much. Laurine should teach a seminar on confidence (and flooring).

(Image credit: Laurine Hoek)

This reverse shot shows how perfectly this dining table fits in the space—it doesn’t block any windows or the path from the kitchen, and impressive spatial feat. Those are also the most luxurious dining chairs I’ve ever seen, and if needed, the table could be pulled out from the wall if there were eight diners to accommodate. Once again, a subtle blue shines against all the other neutral elements.

Now that this makeover is complete, Laurine has some words of encouragement for anyone considering making a change to their home:

With a different colour on the wall and floor, you get a totally different interior. And painting the walls does not cost a lot of money. So fast a change for a small price.

Thank you, Laurine!



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