EBay Challenges Dollar Stores With Its New Under $10 Section

Want to do a little guilt free shopping? Try heading over to eBay. The retailer is taking a cue from dollar stores for its latest department.

On Thursday, the online marketplace announced Under $10, a new destination offering a wide variety of $10 and under items in hundreds of categories with free shipping, no bidding required.

The landing page lets you browse by category and by price, so $3 phone chargers or $5 sunglasses are easily found. Click through, and you’ll see a more familiar grid of eBay listings for the new, Buy It Now items.

“Nothing beats the thrill of discovering amazing items at incredible prices. With ‘Under $10,’ we’re making it fun and simple to shop eBay’s selection of new, affordable items,” said Bradford Shellhammer, Head of Engagement & Personalization for eBay.

Of course, low price impulse shopping is not a new tactic; dollar stores are thriving, despite the “retail apocolypse.” In fact, online and app based businesses are starting to capitalize on the extreme pricing model and the thrill of discovery as well. In the past few years, online dollar store Hollar and bargain beauty site Miss A have attracted a million shoppers a month who scoop up $3 organizers or $1 lip gloss with abandon. And earlier this year, Amazon debuted their own low price landing page.

// http://ift.tt/2BeEmmf


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