Mindy Kaling Received The Most Extravagant Baby Gift — From Oprah

Writer, actress and endlessly gif-able human, Mindy Kaling, gave birth to her daughter Katherine back in December. After the internet rejoiced at the good news, things calmed down for a bit for the new mom and her daughter. Well thanks to the A Wrinkle in Time press tour, we’ve learned that Mindy and Katherine received perhaps the best gift of all time from none other than Oprah Winfrey.

One morning, Mindy received a call from her assistant letting her know that Oprah was sending over a baby gift. Briefly forgetting who she was dealing with, Kaling assumed that O was sending over something standard like flowers. Not so!

“Two men are going to be coming to your house, they said, with a U-Haul truck,” Kaling said at a recent press event. “All you want in life is to hear that two men in a U-Haul truck are coming to your house because Oprah sent them. I was supposed to go to work that day [but I was like], I gotta be here.”

“They arrived with a hand-carved bookcase, prettier than any professional dollhouse you had ever seen that contained a hundred of the classic essential books in children’s literature,” Kaling explained. “And I held my baby up to it and I said, ‘Did you see what Miss Winfrey did for you?’ Each book has ‘Katherine’s Book Club’ on it.”

Mindy’s home was already lovely, and this bookcase can only add to its many charms.

h/t Hello Giggles

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