Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Finds

Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Finds


That little leprechaun is coming! But I know I’m not letting him pinch me or my family this year! St. Patrick’s Day is so fun and we want to help bring that into your home. We’re all about easy and effortless. We found things your kids will love, things you will love, and things your home will love. We’ve even got things so that you can throw the best-themed PARTY! Yep, we rounded up…

Everything St. Patrick’s Day!


St. Patrick's Day Finds

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St. Patrick's Day Books

1. The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day 

2. How to Catch a Leprechaun 

3. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover 

4. Leprechaun Footprints 

5. St. Patrick’s Day Decorating Kit 

Leprechaun Fun #StPatrick'sDay

6. Shamrock Strings 

7. Leprechaun Coins & Mini Pots

8. Craft Kit 

9. Cupcake Kit 

St. Patrick's Day Finds

10. Cookie Cutters 

11. Party Set 

12. Photobooth Props 

13. That’s What Leprechauns Do 

14. St. Patrick’s Day Baby Boy Outfit 

St. Patrick's Day Clothes

15. St. Patrick’s Day Baby Girl Outfit 

16. Green Tea Lights 

17. Irish You Were Naked Shirt 

18. 4 Leaf Clover Shirt 

19. Party Buttons 

St. Patrick's Day Finds

20. St. Patrick’s Day Table Cloth 

21. Wristbands 

22. Irish Glasses 

23. Balloons 

24. Window Clings 

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

25. Women’s Shirt 

26. Baby Long-Sleeved Onesie 

27. Table Runner 

28. Bunting 

29. Mug Shots 

St. Patrick's Day Finds #StPatricksDay

30. Pot O’ Gold

31. Kids Activity Book (ages 6-12) 

32. Kids Activity Book (younger ages) 

33. Centerpiece

How cute would it be for you to get those wristbands for your kiddos to hand out at school to the kids who forget to wear green? So sweet! Plus I love all the fun and easy decor, I am all about that! And that “Irish you were Naked” shirt?! HA! So funny and perfect to be wearing once the kids go to bed… if ya know what I mean 😉 Hoping you have a happy St. Patrick’s Day and don’t forget to wear your green!

Make sure to check out our St. Patrick’s Balloon Surprise and we also found 55 FREE St. Patrick’s Printables!



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