The Chic Craft Store Decor Find Hiding in the Scrapbook Section

As far as hobbies go, scrapbooking doesn’t have the cachet that say, home brewing, gardening or even jewelry making has. It’s not ironically cool like knitting or weaving yet either. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid the scrapbooking aisle at Michaels like the open salad bar during flu season.

If you’re pinching pennies and trying to decorate, take a stroll through and don’t pass up the stock of colorful, printed and textural papers…they are wonderful for framing as artwork and usually cost less than $1 a sheet.

Above: While this isn’t exactly framed art, it’s still an image you can borrow inspiration from. A few pieces of scrapbooking paper added to the wall (or maybe it’s on a corkboard, I can’t be sure) is all it took to make this little workspace nook from Better Homes & Gardens stand out from its all-white surround.

The best gallery walls have a variety of items in them—large and small, old and new, painting versus print or photograph, framed versus unframed. And sure, you want your composition to be all killer and no filler. But if you do find yourself needing an item or two to flesh out an arrangement, consider framing a couple of pieces of scrapbook paper. Probably best to avoid the hokey designs and stick to graphic, abstract prints instead. I’d think changing the sizes of your framed papers (through trimming them) would be ideal, but it’s shocking how much of an impact all the same size pieces make in this vignette by Postcards From the Ridge. She recommends using whatever scraps you might have: paper, wrapping paper, fabric, wallpaper…if you’ve got it and you like it, use it!

If you’re feeling extra crafty after leaving the store, you can look to this framed piece spotted on Country Living as inspiration. The creator put together bits of scrapbook paper in a quilt-like format to make something all her own.

While technically what’s framed here in this dining room via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles are wallpaper samples, you can get the same look with chic scrapbooking papers.

You don’t have to just frame or lay scrapbook paper entirely flat. This DIY project from Blitzy uses solid blue scrapbook paper as a background for a cool 3D flower design created by tracing a stencil onto white paper, cutting the shape out and curling up the ends as “petals.” I feel like I see these quasi shadow boxes at Target and HomeGoods all the time—but this DIY version has to be cheaper.

Go crazy and think outside the frame if you’re up for it. This sweet bedroom from Room Seven showcases a patchwork wall that can easily be creating with large, square scrapbook paper pieces.



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