This Tiny Vacation House Might Cure Your Winter Blues

I spend a lot of time looking at houses, and particularly tiny houses, so I might have a slightly higher threshold for “wow” than the average person. But every once in a while, it’s still possible for a place to take my breath away. This is one of those places.

This little home is called, appropriately, La Casa Pequeña, and it’s located in the state of Oaxaca, in Mexico, right at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. (Oaxaca may be best known for its mezcal, but it also has some great beaches, too.) Drive down a little dirt road in the middle of nowhere and you’ll suddenly be confronted with a small, austere form rising from the scrub.

The house, crafted from concrete, doesn’t so much resemble a traditional house as the idea of a house: a simple rectangle with a pitched roof, rising cheerfully towards the sky. The entire front of the building is made of wood louvers, the bottom part of which opens up to connect this little house with the outdoors. The kitchen is composed of a single poured concrete form, which extends through the louvers and into the out of doors, so the whole world can become your kitchen.

Past the kitchen, this little concrete house has the typical tiny home accoutrement: a bathroom, and a lofted bed reached by a terrifying stair. Even in the bedroom and the bathroom, the indoor-outdoor theme continues, so you can sleep, or shower, with the shutters fully open, and fully embrace nature. The combination of concrete and wooden louvers gives the home a feeling of simultaneous solidity and transparency, a pleasing contrast that plays out against the backdrop of the desert.

The outdoor accommodations aren’t too shabby, either — besides the outdoor kitchen and hammock, there’s also a plunge pool and outdoor shower arrayed next to the house. It’s the perfect design getaway, a perfect mix of austere, Ando-esque modernism, combined with the rugged beauty of nature (and the comforts of a private pool). If you can make your way out there, it’s only $150 per night, not too shabby for a private design getaway. Check out the property page on Boutique Homes to book, or just to view a few more photos and do a little dreaming.



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