Style for a Steal: 20 Beautiful Bedroom Finds Under $20

In most of the country, it’s hibernating season still, so you’re probably spending a lot of time in your bedroom. If all that time indoors has you craving an update to your look, we’ve got 20 fun finds that will give you a bit of a pick-me-up — each for less than $20.

Hang a few of these wall shelves in a corner that needs a little extra something, or use one for a nightstand in a particularly small bedroom.

This pretty wave design has little touches of gold.

Alma Cake Stand at Anthropologie, Starting at $18

At first, a cake stand in the bedroom might seem like an odd choice, but a cake stand is actually a great choice for organizing jewelry, makeup or other sundries on top of a dresser or bookcase.

A little dish like this one will add a personalized touch to your bedroom, and is a perfect catch-all for smaller items like jewelry.

Sure, there’s a clock on your phone, but it can be nice to have a clock-clock to glance at when you need to know the time — and this one just looks so nice.

Velvet adds a touch of luxury to any space, and this square cushion cover comes in four different colors to coordinate with your room.

Fluffy and cozy, this rug has the look of a sheepskin without any harm done to actual sheep.

These little string lights have clips to display photos of your favorite people and favorite memories.

Here’s an easy trick for turning jumbled up items into pretty vignettes: place them all on a tray.

Perfect for pens, pencils, eyeglasses or what have you, this tray comes in a deep teal.

Nubby and graphic, this throw pillow has an appealing texture and a funky ’80s vibe.

This modern pegboard is perfect for organizing in any size bedroom — and would be a great nightstand in a particularly small one.

This little mirror is perfect for adding a modern touch (and a bit of shine) to your bedroom. The rosy finish is unexpected and totally sweet.

Conceal Book Shelf at High Fashion Home, Starting at $12

This floating shelf is a great way to make space for a few extra books in a small bedroom.

Linen is perfect for adding a touch of texture to a space that needs a little extra something. The contrasting piping makes this cover just a little extra special. Available in three additional colors.

This versatile lamp can mount to the wall or clip to a shelf or headboard. It’s an affordable piece that I continually spot in some of the most stylish spaces.

Ever wake up and not have any idea what day it is? Never make the mistake again that it’s Friday when really it’s Wednesday with an old-fashioned, analog calendar in an attractive design.

Dress up your bed with a little bit of color like these lilac pillow cases. We’re predicting this soft purple hue is going to be everywhere in 2018.

Cacti Pot at High Fashion Home, Starting at $12

I love the texture of this little pot — perfect for a succulent or small houseplant right on your nightstand.

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