Peek Inside Martha Stewart’s Meticulously Organized Closet Renovation — Martha Stewart Living

With decades of experience telling us all how to better organize our homes and our lives, we can only imagine that Martha Stewart has left no space of her own unturned. That may now be true, because the media mogul has recently transformed a small bedroom in her Bedford, New York home into the meticulously organized closet of her dreams.

(Image credit: Marcus Nilsson / Martha Stewart Living)

The renovation gets a six-page spread in the April issue of Martha Stewart Living, which breaks down how Martha designed the space to fit the entirety of her wardrobe, finally removing the need to travel from room to room to get ready, with the help of California Closets.

(Image credit: Courtesy Martha Stewart Living)

It was important that the renovation feel like a natural extension of her home, and it worked out that none of the room’s original molding needed to be removed. Each of the storage pieces are modular, in case the space ever needs to transition back to a bedroom. We particularly love the addition of the window seats, which not only offer a place for Martha’s cat Empress Tang to soak up the afternoon sun, but provides storage for large tote bags underneath.

(Image credit: Marcus Nilsson / Martha Stewart Living)

While you might not be sitting on an extra bedroom just waiting to be turned into a walk in closet, there’s one particular detail we think everyone could benefit from in their dressing area. Martha has a valet bar installed where she can easily see outfits for a day of press or for traveling; an over the door rack or set of hooks can serve the same purpose in any space and makes getting dressed that much more streamlined.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living)

And what does Martha think of the result? “I am thrilled with it,” she says.

See more details and photos of the renovation over on, or pick up the April issue of Martha Stewart Living on newsstands.



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