3 Amazon Deals That Make Cleaning A Little Less Of A Chore — Amazon Deal of the Day

It might not be quite spring cleaning yet, but March is well underway and winter is on its way out. But even if we aren’t quite ready to do a full-blown deep clean, we’re always looking for small ways to make chores feel a little less, well, like chores. When something’s easier to do, you’re more likely to do it, right? If you’ve been putting off a pile of ironing or sink of dirty dishes, you’re in luck. Today, three Amazon deals are perfect for stepping up your cleaning game.

Anti-fatigue mats are beloved by professional chefs because they take a lot of the (literal) pain out of standing in busy kitchens. In homes, they’re great to put by kitchen sinks, especially if you don’t have a dishwasher and spend a lot of time hand-washing. Another use? Stick them in laundry rooms to make all that sorting and folding easier on the knees. Who knows, if you make it the most comfortable place in your house to stand, you might not mind being there so much.

And speaking of laundry, there are those of us who find ironing meditative and relaxing… and those of us who are utterly perplexed by the whole thing. Steamers not only provide a way to de-wrinkle clothes with less heat damage (and no risk of scorching your shirts), it’s also a lot easier to navigate. Simply point at the wrinkles… and steam ’til they’re gone. You may even find yourself more likely to take out a steamer than wrestle with the ironing board.

Can microfiber clothes solve all your problems? Probably not. But are they handy in an number of common cleaning tasks? Yes. A great reusable option for dusting, they come enough to a pack that you can stash them in several rooms in the house, meaning your cleaning tools are always at hand. In addition to dusting, microfiber clothes are also a great way to get a streak-free shine. After wiping down counters and surfaces with a sponge, follow up with the microfiber cloth for a final polish.

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