Gorgeous Spring and Easter Decor

Gorgeous Spring and Easter Decor


The holiday season has come and gone, winter is almost over, and HALLELUJAH springtime is coming! It is about to get warm, flowers will be popping up, and oh my goodness, I cannot wait! What better way to welcome this lovely season than with gorgeous spring and Easter decor?! It will brighten up your home with fun pastels, eggs galore, and the sweetest bunny rabbits. We have rounded up…

The Best Home Decor for Spring and Easter

Spring and Easter Decor #Easter #Springdecor


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Let’s get started and get that home spring-ready!

Easter and Spring Signs



1. Happy Easter Y’all 

2. Hello Spring 

3. Flower Sign 

4. Fresh Eggs Sign 

Spring and Easter Decor

5. Throw Pillow 

6. Bunny Throw Pillow 

7. Farmhouse Pitcher 

8. Fake Lavender 

9. Fake Baby Breath 

Spring Decor

10. Artificial Lavender in Garden Bucket 

11. Vintage Farmhouse Flowers 

12. Bunny Bunting 

13. Easter Egg Hunt Decorating Set 

14. Fake Speckled Eggs 

Easter Home Decor

15. Blue Ceramic Eggs 

16. Fake Carrots 

17. Moss & Burlap Baskets 

18. Easter Egg Wreath 

19. Distressed Rabbit 


Easter Decor

20. White Twig Tree and Egg Ornaments

21. Easter Egg Carousel 

22. Bunny Plates 

23. Ceramic Bunny Cake Stand 

Spring and Easter Home Decor

24. Spring Tablecloth 

25. Floral Tablecloth 

26. Artificial Grass Table Runner 

27. Colorful Bread Box 

28. Wire Storage Basket 

Spring Home Decorations

29. Metal Caddy 

30. Colorful Chairs 

31. Mason Jar Measuring Cups 

32. Mason Jar Vases 

33. Bottle Vases with Wood Holder 

Easter Decorations

34. Mint Wire Basket Kit 

35. Ceramic Egg Crate 

36. Blue Glass Drink Dispenser 

37. Spring Bunting 

38. Blue Lantern 

Gorgeous Spring and Easter Decor

39. Ceramic Birds 

40. Glow in the Dark Garden Pebbles 

41. Easter Window Clings 

42. Easter Egg Lanterns 

43. Egg Decor 

Easter and Spring Decorations

44. Flower Placemats 

45. Grass Tablecloth 

46. Spring Party Straws 

47. Easter Pillow 

48. Spring Hanging Lanterns

How about that bunny bunting? I can’t handle it, it’s SO CUTE! I love that a lot of the decor pieces are things that could be used year-round, very versatile. And then we also have everything for your Easter parties. Quick and easy and absolutely darling! Happy Easter and happy springtime!

Check out our Christ-Centered Easter Countdown for a perfect and meaningful addition. And then we have a “Some Bunny Loves You Surprise”




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