Wayfair vs. Overstock: Who Has the Better Deal on Home Goods?

Spring is a season of new beginnings. By now, you must be ready to tackle shaking out the winter cobwebs and doing a bit of a refresh around your home. I’m not talking an extreme renovation and remodeling, but more like a decorating mini makeover with a new piece of furniture or lighting. Or even a seasonal swap of pillows, throws and rugs.

The Internet is kind of amazing insofar as it puts the inventory of big home retailers at your fingertips. But the downside of that is, THERE. ARE. TOO. MANY. THINGS. to wade through. I get anxiety just seeing that there are over a thousand patterned rugs available at any given store because I want to look at them all (to make sure I’m not missing any gems on the last page of search results)! And if you want to comparison shop, well, that’s a whole other time suck — until now. Because we’ve taken the legwork out of shopping two strictly online home retailers known for their huge inventories (and competing TV advertisements): Wayfair and Overstock. And for ease, we’ve organized our finds into four categories: rugs, furniture, lighting and decor.


// http://ift.tt/2BeEmmf


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