Do You Drunk Shop? Turns Out, You’re Not Alone

On the spectrum of things one could do whilst intoxicated, online shopping is relatively harmless. Sure, you may throw off your budget for the month, but with generous return policies, you can generally undo the monetary consequences of a shopping spree with the sort of ease that you will not find when attempting to retract 3 am text to an ex-partner.

According to, America’s drunk shopping habit is on the rise. We tipsily spent $448 per person on average in 2017, with an estimated total of $30.43 billion. Based on their survey of 2,000 people, the company found that men spend more when they drunk shop, averaging $564 per spend versus women’s $282. Men spend more on drinking in general, their weekly totals averaging $44.17 compared to women’s $26.77.

While Millennials drop more cash on booze than other generations, Gen-Xers are the biggest spenders when it comes to drunk purchases. The Finder survey found that on an average week, Millennials spend $59.28 on drinking and $206.11 on drunk purchases. Gen-Xers only spend $36.91 on booze, but ball out on their purchases with an average of $738.87.

Now this is just one survey so the actual numbers might vary, but anecdotally, it seems like drunk online shopping can hit even the most responsible of us.

If your boozy-buying has become a habit you’d like to kick, there are plenty of apps like DRNKPAY which will help you back away from buying all four seasons of Dinosaurs, until you sober up and realize that you should definitely buy all four seasons of Dinosaurs.

Here are a few confessions from self-identified drunk shoppers:

“My boyfriend and I were apart for Valentine’s Day but I insisted on celebrating alone with a box of red wine and the internet. It was a moderately innocent endeavor at first, but got a little dark once I ended up on a clickbait article about escaping from a sinking car. There are an unsurprising amount of videos on the youtube to train you on the immediate steps you need to take, and I spent hours watching all of them. Two days later my boyfriend called to thank me (I guess?) for the gift-wrapped His and Hers Universal Emergency Hammer Window Punch and Seat Belt Cutters sent with the note:

‘You’ve got less than a minute to save your own life and this will greatly increase the chances. Be prepared. Fear the water. Happy V-Day xo.'”


Remember that old European woman who tried to restore that hundreds of years old painting of Jesus? This one time I bought her ‘improvement’ as a poster.” — Kevin

“FLIGHTS…I spent time researching Budapest, Stockholm/Copenhagen, or Costa Rica …then went to the bar, came home, and booked the cheapest. Flew-out (to Stockholm) the following day!” — Brad

Spill the beans! What’s the best/weirdest drunk purchase you’ve made?

h/t Marketwatch



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