This Tiny House Looks Like It Was Beamed Down from Space

Basically the Tesla of tiny houses, the Ecocapsule is a super futuristic, earth friendly tiny home that looks like it was beamed down from space. The Ecocapsule is fully self-sufficient, relying only on wind and solar power, making it the perfect choice for going off the grid. It can even serve as a charging station for electric cars — so maybe it’s not the Tesla of tiny houses, but the most Tesla compatible of tiny houses.

Designed for two people to snuggle up comfortably, the Ecocapsule is just 88 square feet. The interior is customizable and has options for different interior materials, along with a mini fridge and mini washer. The floors are heated and the capsule is fully internet compatible.

The capsule, which is made from a fiberglass shell over an aluminum framework, is designed to work in almost all moderate terrains. You don’t need a land permit or any extra hook ups, so you can attach the Ecocapsule to your vehicle and drive to wherever your heart takes you.

A fully charged battery is supposed to last about four days, but as it is designed of turning solar and wind power into energy, it is highly unlikely the battery would ever fully drain. Rainwater is also collected on the surface of the capsule and then filtered for use.

One thing’s for sure, this sleek homepod is unlike anything else we’ve seen. The company is taking orders on the limited run of the first 50 capsulses, and also taking reservations for later (more affordable runs) as well.

h/t Domino

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