Behind This Door is A Small Apartment With Some Really Smart Storage

You know we are suckers for smart storage — especially in small spots — and when it’s well-designed and executed storage, we get especially excited. This 550-square-foot Toronto apartment is not only a beautiful home, but it packs in tons of clever, built-in solutions that check off all the right boxes.

The apartment comes from Stacey Cohen Design, who called upon a wealth of design knowledge and experience in taking advantage of every square inch of space, in every room. Let’s take a tour:


I’ll jump right to my favorite part, which is the bedroom. Even for a small room, clothing storage is a priority, with a long, full closet alongside the bed. On the other side of the room, stashed behind a wall panel, is a shallow recessed spot for jewelry and accessories. Not only does this keep things nice and organized — in an often overlooked empty area — but it hides valuables in case of a robbery.

Living Room

This room is all about the vertical multi-purpose storage. Stacey went mile high on this one, all the way to the ceiling, and incorporated both open and closed storage that includes a cocktail/wine bar, personal items and decor, television, and even a full fireplace. It’s all accessible by a rolling ladder paired with stunning brass hardware that’s as beautiful as it is practical.

Entry & Stairway

Instead of leaving a big blank wall underneath the stairs, Stacey installed unique drawers that pull out and contain, among other things, a lot of shoe storage. It’s another otherwise unused area that’s customized to suit the client’s needs.

This piece of furniture is a great go-to for a narrow hallway or small entryway. With only two legs, it hugs the wall and takes up only a fraction of the space of a regular piece of furniture —just enough of a landing strip and storage for keys, mail and a few decorative items. The mirrors on the wall behind cleverly make it look like it has all four legs and a conventional footprint.


There’s nothing visibly revolutionary about the kitchen storage —that we can see —but I’m including this photo because it’s a pretty little room that’s clean and minimalist and fun to see in the context of the rest of the apartment.

To see more of Stacey Cohen’s work, head over to the website to see her entire portfolio.



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