Everywhere Co. Is a New Collection of Tiny House Models for Millennials Inspired By Wanderlust

Based on a philosophy that many millennials have a neverending stream of wanderlust and a desire to lead a more nomadic existence, Everywhere Co. just launched a collection of tiny home models themed for our favorite untamed and wild locations in the Great American West (and Hawaii).

After growing fatigued by the startup lifestyle and tech rise-and-grind of Silicon Valley, Everywhere Co. founder Brand Winnie launched the company by trekking 20,000 miles across the American West in a gloriously remodeled RV — with his wife and three kids also in tow. That 30-foot travel trailer experience became the inspiration for what is now an entire collection of tiny home models created with nomadic, financial freedom-seeking millennials in mind.

In a press statement this week ahead of the company’s crowd-funding campaign (more on that below), Winnie said:

“We’re not trying to just be another tiny house builder. There are hundreds. We’re trying to build a community and a platform that can scale as so many millennials are looking at alternative housing options and just don’t want to deal with 30 year mortgages. It’s a massive problem for banks but a huge opportunity for us.”

With the tagline “Provisions for Roaming,” each of the six tiny home collections designed by Everywhere Co. is selling the new American dream of forgoing any mortgage at all in favor of owning a whole home for just above the price the median American down payment. Tiny home models from Everywhere Co. start at $55,000, while the median American down payment is currently $41,400, or 20 percent of the 2018 median home price of $207,000.

The “minimal living” brand says its tiny homes on wheels are uniquely designed to truly be mobile and to be set up anywhere in a hurry, while also promising to be working on creative resources for places its customers can park their petite dwellings while exploring new places and passions — a desire they claim is “embedded deep within the soul of every human being.”

Each of the six tiny home models sleeps between two and six people, and is able to be customized with six themes inspired by the founders’ favorite spots in the Western U.S. — Kootenai, Tillamook, Oahu, Mendocino, Joshua Tree, and Teton — with the hope that the designs will “capture the spirit of each location and its distinct appeal.” (If you click on each individual style page and scroll to the bottom, you can view the “mood boards” for each tiny home interior theme here — featured below is the “Kootenai”.)

Hand-crafted in Alabama by 20-year veteran home builder Doug Schroeder of Timbercraft Tiny Homes, they’re designed with customizable features “so you can live the life of a nomad but still feel like you’re close to home.” Each tiny home is built from sustainable, renewable materials and designed to be weatherproof (air-tight and insulated), solar-ready (wired for off-grid power), energy-efficient (appliances and lighting), and to be mobile and transportable (able to be moved yourself).

In the very near future, potential tiny home buyers can book a “try before you buy” stay in one of the Everywhere Co. tiny home models — a new project that Winnie and his team will soon be crowd-funding through Kickstarter. If successfully funded, the founder says it “will allow us to place a network of our homes all over the Western U.S. which can be booked via Airbnb, [getting] more people familiar with our brand and our homes and preparing the way for us to scale into a rent-to-own model so large quantities of people can easily get into a tiny home, maybe without even going through a traditional bank.”

To read more about the people, designs, and lofty visions of Everywhere Co., check out EverywhereCo.com — and to find out more about booking one of their tiny homes through Airbnb (in California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Utah, or Wyoming), add your email address to the waitlist here.

// http://ift.tt/2BeEmmf


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