The Mega List of Things to Do Together in Bed (That Have Nothing to Do With Sex or TV)

Let’s preface this by stating clearly that there is absolutely nothing wrong with sex or TV. They’re both fantastic when enjoyed with a loving partner (or by yourself). But whether your relationship is brand new or you’ve been together so long you’re inadvertently starting to dress the same, building intimacy as a couple is important. And real intimacy, well, that can sometimes take more than just a little Netflix and chill.

Sure, sex and even the occasional night of binge-watching contribute to a feeling of closeness. However, intimacy is a many layered thing — it has myriad components you can tap into. So why not shake up your nighttime routine to add depth to your relationship? Beds are good for so much more than just sleeping, catching up on This Is Us (read: ugly crying all over your comforter), and getting it on. Keep reading for 39 other ideas that — bonus — will strengthen your bond.

(Of course, if you struggle with insomnia, you might just want to stick to sleep-focused activities in the bedroom.)

Get Expressive

Get Creative

Get it Together

Get Cerebral

Get Silly

Get Physical

Get Sentimental

Get Dreamy

Exercises you can do without leaving your bed!



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