A Moody, Vintage-Filled Victorian Gets an Even Darker Makeover

If you were (like me) delighted by the dark and dramatic UK home of Nicola Broughton we toured last spring, prepare to be doubly delighted. Because while the home we got a look at in her house tour certainly came close to decor perfection, Nicola has recently revamped some of the rooms—making her vintage-filled home even moodier and lovelier than before.

Nicola’s room makeovers are proof that you can make a big visual difference with budget DIYs, furniture rearranging, and a decor splurge or two. But it’s also permission that you can totally switch things up when you’re tired of your home’s decor, even if there’s not necessarily anything “wrong” with it. Below, some before and after shots of a few of the rooms in her home. You’ll see a lot of the same furniture pieces in different places, mixed with some new paint colors, and a few flirty and floral wallpaper patterns.

The master bedroom—which in the original tour showcased wood wallpaper, striking art and lots of textures—received perhaps the biggest redo. Not only did she switch the dark black wall paint color for a deep, rich green, she also added wall paneling to the room…herself!

And here’s the bedroom now:

You can read all about the master bedroom remodel (which only took an impressive three days to complete) on her blog.

A quick makeover in the kitchen was achieved by painting the existing table (I love that she left the top plain and only painted the legs and bottom), purchasing a couple of new vintage accent chairs, and adding some Lucy Tiffany wallpaper.

The spare bedroom had a similarly dark decor vibe as the rest of the home, but featured the bed in front of the window and just paint on the walls.

Today, the spare room benefits from a bed placement switch, as well as another great floral patterned wallpaper on the wall.

In the study: “I chose some wallpaper from Sandberg, rejigged the room with my desk on a different wall, and changed the chair. That’s it! Simple but an effective change that has made a difference to my environment at work and the place I escape to.”

Thank you Nicola! See all of her home before her recent makeover in last year’s house tour. And read about all the changes to her home on her blog, “The Girl With the Green Sofa.” Also follow her on instagram.

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