More Travelers Are Choosing Hiking Over Hitting the Club, New Survey Says

When you travel, are you a “keep working out so I can keep my energy up” type? Or more of a “I walked around a castle for a bit so that totally counteracts the five croissants I ate this morning?” A new survey says more and more people are using their travel time to get or stay fit.

According to the booking site Hostelworld, 74% of Americans report being equally or more active on vacation than when they’re at home. And more travelers are prioritizing physical activities in their adventures away from home—nearly half (47%) of folks polled between the ages of 18-34 say they set aside time to get in at least one workout in while traveling. Most popular forms of working out include walking, swimming and jogging, so it’s not like folks are skipping the Tower of London to go to crossfit everyday.

“Exercise, healthy living and finding fun and active new things to do whilst traveling are at the top of the wish-list for young travelers,” said Marek Mossakowski, the Global Head of Brand of Hostelworld. And 40% of millennials responded that they take access to fitness centers into accountability when booking lodging for their trips.

Do you work out when you travel?



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