IKEA’s New Collection Is All About Rest and Relaxation

Home should be a respite from the pressures of the outside world. Now, IKEA is aiming to make taking care of yourself a little easier, thanks to its latest collection.

HJÄRTELIG Headboard, wall-mounted $49/each; HJÄRTELIG Platform $75 each; HJÄRTELIG Nightstand $69 each

(Image credit: Courtesy of IKEA)

Called HJÄRTELIG, the collection hopes to inspire people to take a moment to reconnect with themselves and nature through simple materials and durable, useful pieces. Designed by Andreas Fredriksson and Maja Ganszyniec, HJÄRTELIG uses sustainable cotton, rattan, linen, cork and solid pine for their appearance, texture and even scent to “appeal to the senses and help us to feel grounded,” states a press release.

HJÄRTELIG Scented candles in glass $7.99/2pk; HJÄRTELIG Jewelry bowl $2.99

(Image credit: Courtesy of IKEA)

The collection comes at a time when people are finding it hard to be present at home, due to the inability to switch off work and technology, and the nagging feeling of FOMO if you are able to unplug, according to IKEA’s 2017 Life at Home report. So pieces that encourage a moment of pause, like their first ever line of yoga accessories, are included. There are straps ($3.99), blocks ($12.99/2 pack), and even a bag ($14.99) so you can namaste at home or at class.

HJÄRTELIG Bench with clothes rack $79; HJÄRTELIG Plant pot with trellis $12.99 – $17.99; HJÄRTELIG Basket with lid $29.99; HJÄRTELIG Hangers $4.99/3pk

(Image credit: Courtesy of IKEA)

Possibly the smartest piece in the collection is a solution to a problem that nearly everyone has: the dreaded bedroom clothes pile. Enter: IKEA’s bench with clothes rack ($79). “Here you can hang clothes for tomorrow and clothes that you don’t want in the wardrobe or thrown in the laundry. Under the bench you can store your nice shoes ‒ and try them on seated,” says Ganszyniec.

HJÄRTELIG Decorative boxes $5.99/set of 2; HJÄRTELIG Carafe with glass $7.99/2pcs; HJÄRTELIG Base with glass dome $12.99

(Image credit: Courtesy of IKEA)

Flexible pieces mean furniture is module, and platforms can be used as tables, or for sitting or sleeping with the addition of linen covered cushions. Small storage is thoughtful, whether as a dish for trinkets, a conical cloche, or amber-hued jewelry organizers.

HJÄRTELIG Jewelry holders $7.99/set of 3; HJÄRTELIG Jewelry dish $12.99

(Image credit: Courtesy of IKEA)

Not to leave smell out of the equation, there are a pair of scented candles, as well. “HJÄRTELIG scented candles have a herbal tone with ginger, orange and patchouli that changes the atmosphere in your room,” says Ganszyniec. “The small glass jars also have lids so that you can keep in the scent if it gets too intense.”

HJÄRTELIG is arriving in IKEA USA stores in April.

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