Get the Look: The Royals’ Rock & Roll Meets Marie Antoinette Bedroom

My favorite royal family of schemers came back on Sunday. And honestly, when the drama is so insane, it’s hard to focus on the interiors but they are worth the multitasking. It’s a palace, so every room is grand, but it’s no surprise that Princess Eleanor has the coolest bedroom in the place. It’s rock and roll meets Marie Antoinette.

(Image credit: E! Entertainment)

Her color palette is fabulous—deep royal blues and forest greens mixed in with gold accents. It embraces the “more is more” philosophy. The focal point of the room is her brocade-upholstered bed. First priority: Pick a bed with an intricate headboard. Eleanor’s is in the style of Louis XV, but don’t feel like you can’t deviate from that. Definitely try for upholstered. Tufted is great. Carved frame is interesting. And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s pushed up against floor to ceiling tapestries. It delivers pattern on color on color on pattern, and it works because the common theme is royal blue.

(Image credit: E! Entertainment)

The walls are a combination of painted finish and wallpaper – both variations on green. You could absolutely do an accent wall in wallpaper then pick out a color within that wallpaper and paint the rest of your walls. It’s a great way to create visual interest (and bonus, it’s good for the budget!).

Eleanor has a massive bedroom with space for a sitting area. If you are able to fit seating in your bedroom or are in a loft situation, embrace style of her headboard. Louis XIV, XV, and XVI style furniture can be hard to find for a reasonable price so think outside the box. Acrylic furniture can be a fun option and it plays up the rock ‘n roll factor. If you can find an appropriate style of furniture, stick to darker wood tones or dark painted finishes. Then choose one or two case goods on which you want to do a lighter color. Eleanor has a gorgeous armoire and nightstands that are cream colored with gold accents. Throw down a creamy-taupe-y traditional area rug to ground the room.

(Image credit: E! Entertainment)

This look would not be complete without dramatic, sweeping draperies. Opt for velvet or silk. They feel more substantial than a cotton or linen, and they’ll give you those beautiful swags when you pull them back. If you’ve got the walking space, try a length so they pool on the floor. If you can’t give up the square footage, just make sure they touch the ground.

To add in the rock and roll you don’t have to spray paint your walls, but a graffiti inspired canvas or a steer head skeleton will do the trick. That on top of super saturated colors and patterns takes this from kingly to kick ass.

Get the look

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