These Geometric Rugs Are a Gorgeous Optical Illusion

Every so often, you come across a majorly specific design conundrum like, how to accentuate your floors in style while simultaneously deceiving your eyes. Well, prepare to check off both of those decorative boxes with these color-blocked rugs from Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola.

Not only are they extremely chic and a shining example of the geometric home decor trend, but the contemporary rug sets give off a 3D illusion that will make you and anyone who treads upon them take a second look before stepping.

Dubbed Rotazioni and Visioni, Urquiola’s elegant rug sets are produced by Milan-based company Cc-Tapis. The hand-knotted rugs are made from Himalayan wool and silk or 100 percent Himalayan wool.

The Rotazioni (Italian for rotation) set features a pattern of overlapping cylinders that form rectangular and square shapes with rounded edges. Each of the cylinders come in various pastel shades that bring a bit of softness to the edgy design. Urquiola re-worked her initial version of the Visioni (which debuted in 2016), giving the most recent offering a new set of colors that range from neutral tones to bold hues, each of which accentuates the abstract pattern of rectangle and parallelogram shapes.

The Rotazioni rugs measure 180 x 240 centimeters (70.8 inches x 94.5 inches); The Visioni measures 180 x 300 centimeters (70.8 inches X 118 inches).

As one of the most recognized contemporary designers, Urquiola has put her signature spin on every piece of furniture imaginable, from the multi-colored, transparent series of glass tables she designed for Glas Italia to a collection of comfortable sofas for Moroso to the gorgeous graphic print Azulej tiles she designed for Mutina.

h/t Dezeen



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