The Onion Reports on Some Shady Doll Real Estate

Once again the good folks at The Onion, America’s Finest News Source, have broken the story of the month. Doll Real Estate Agent Glosses Over Giant Hinged Opening In Middle Of House covers the long overlooked issue of unfair real estate practices in the doll world.

The website reports on the story of a doll real estate agent who willfully misleads and misdirects their clients away from major structural instabilities in a potential home:

A local doll realtor reportedly glossed over the giant hinged opening in the middle of the house Thursday during a tour. ‘Yes, some of the design features are a bit unique, but don’t forget that with this property, you’re also getting painted-on countertops, hard plastic floors, and brand-new all-pink appliances,’ said the realtor.

Things did not end well for the couple, as the site reports that, “a giant hand ransacked their bedroom and tossed the couple onto the carpeted front yard.”

And if Commuter Barbie’s pile of rental applications aren’t a clear indication that she could use a good and honest doll real estate broker ASAP, I don’t know what is.



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