9 Truly Unexpected Places to Add Color to Your Home

Nothing perks up a space quite like a bit of color. If you’re looking to add some character and cheer to your home, you don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional outlets, i.e. painting an entire room or an accent wall. Here are nine unexpected places to add color to your home — little spots that’ll still catch your eye.

Above: You can paint the inside of a non-working fireplace, as seen on SF Girl by Bay, for a welcome jolt of cheerful color. (This is also a great way to make stacking magazines and books inside seem a little Fahrenheit 451.)

No headboard? No problem! Draw a little attention to your bed by painting a headboard behind it in an unexpected shape, like this blushy circle as seen on Cote Maison.

When it comes to things like ducts and plumbing risers, generally the approach is to paint them the same color as the ceiling, so they’ll be as unobtrusive as possible. This interior from Design Milk takes things in the other direction, turning what could be thought of as an eyesore into a feature of the space.

If painting a whole room, or even a whole wall, is too much, try painting just the door, as seen in this playful Los Angeles home.

Another detail we love? Painting just the edge of the door in a contrasting color, as seen in Jen and Nate’s Toronto home.

Painting just the inside of your cabinets (maybe in a deep teal like this one from A Beautiful Mess) will give your kitchen a colorful secret that only you know about.

Similar to the door idea, adding a jolt of color to the inside of a doorway, as seen here on Vogue Living, makes entering a room an electric experience.

For a touch of the unexpected, instead of painting the walls, paint the ceiling. Here, a blush pink ceiling adds a rosy touch to a bedroom spotted on Wrede.

Radiators, like ducts, are often painted the same color as the wall, since they’re generally thought of as an eyesore. But you can turn a bug into a feature with a bit of bright hue. This sunflower-yellow radiator from Farrow & Ball seems almost sculptural — and provides a cheerful bit of color that’s sure to be welcome on dreary winter days.

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