A Dog Bed Designer Turned a Blank Canvas into a Beautiful Beach Bungalow — House Tour

Name: Eloisa Ribeiro and Anderson Ribeiro
Location: Venice, California
Size: 800 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, renting

Eloisa Ribeiro is a mom, dog lover, model, actress and the owner of The Wolf Nest, a business that sells one-of-a-kind designed “pillows for pups + cushions for home.” Born in Brazil and raised in Florida and Texas, it was in New York that she met her husband Anderson six years ago. Three years ago, she moved to Venice, California for a lifestyle change. “I always felt inspired when spending time in California so I packed up and made the move. Anderson came soon after,” writes Eloisa. “Once settled in Venice and with a new home as a blank canvas, I wanted to take my time to decorate it with unique one of a kind pieces.”

Eloisa continues describing her home: “My dear friend Kelly introduced me to flea markets and I fell in love. I loved the aspect of treasure hunting and how everything I found had a story. Slowly I began to fill our home and with each addition I started to find myself living that California dream I had envisioned and hoped for.

I started fostering dogs in New York and continued to do so in Venice. That’s how we ended up adopting our dogs Nala and Pandu. With my home finally complete, I had a hard time finding a dog bed for our new furry family members that fit the aesthetic of our home that I had so carefully curated. I wanted their bed to add soul to our home like every other piece we have. So I took some textiles I had foraged and made them each a dog pillow. Friends and family started asking me to make them one as well and so The Wolf Nest was born. Just like the items in our home, the pillows are upcycled and made into a piece you can treasure and be proud to have in your home. To stay true to my love for animals, we donate a percentage of all proceeds to help rescue dogs. My dream is to one day have our own warehouse and maybe a ranch style home filled with foster dogs, and who knows maybe we can fit in some horses too.”

After freezing in New York for nine years, Eloisa loves to take family strolls around Venice, and enjoys being near the beach to watch sunsets with baby Phoenix, Anderson and the dogs. “Today I can truly say I am living a life I always dreamed of in our cozy beach bungalow with our little family, and to be able to run a business from home that I feel passionate about, lets me be creative, and am always learning and being challenged (in the best way) as well.”

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Inspiration: It’s literally everywhere! Being around nature and water always centers and inspires me. Flea markets. Pinterest and Instagram are always great too.

Favorite Element: Our bedroom. Every morning when we wake up, the dogs jump on the bed, our son Phoenix plays, and we talk about what our day will look like. Everyone is excited and happy and it’s that moment where I can see our little family together and just feel grateful for it all.

Biggest Challenge: Storage and closet space. It’s an older house and the closets are VERY small. I don’t like clutter and am very much a person of “everything has its place.” I guess the bright side is that it makes me clean out the closets a lot and constantly get rid of what we don’t need.

What Friends Say: “It’s the perfect eclectic Venice beach bungalow.” “Your house is so you.”

Biggest Embarrassment: Laundry Room, It’s where we hide the mess. I can never seem to get our laundry done in one day. It takes a day to wash, another day to fold, and probably two days sitting out before it’s all put away. By the time I’m done, it’s laundry day again!

Proudest DIY: Pillows and Dog Beds. The Wolf Nest.

Biggest Indulgence: Rugs. I’m a sucker for a good vintage rug and am always trying to fit one more in the house.

Best Advice: Don’t be afraid to not follow any rules. Take your time, be patient and wait to find pieces for your home that speak to you. That make you excited and that you can look at every day and love it more and more. Also, PLANTS, plants, plants. I truly believe that having lots of green and live plants at home is what gives it life (literally) and makes it cozy and homey. You can NEVER have enough plants.

Dream Sources: European flea markets, Moroccan markets, Bali, India.


Sofa – West Elm
Indigo Accent Pillow — The Wolf Nest
Small white mud cloth pillow – The Wolf Nest
Indigo Printed Accent Pillow — The Wolf Nest
Mustard Mud Cloth Accent Pillow – The Wolf Nest
Small Indigo Pillow (on rope chair) — The Wolf Nest
Macramé Pillow – It was a gift from a friend.
Rope Chair – Craigslist find.
Rug — Francesloom
Brass and Crystal chandelier – Ebay find
Fig leaf tree and vase – Venice Plants
Large woven hanging basket – General Store
Small woven hanging basket – General Store
Woven basket (on floor) – Lily Ashwell
White and gold horse vase – Anthropologie
Fig leaf tree and vase – Venice Plants
Large woven hanging basket – General Store
Small woven hanging basket – General Store
Woven basket (on floor) – Lily Ashwell
White and gold horse vase – Anthropologie
Basket on Credenza –Venice Vintage Paradise
Small wall baskets – Venice Vintage Paradise
Mid- Century wooden curtain rod – west elm
Belgian Flax Linen Curtain – Natural – west elm
Brass Round Wall Mirror – cb2
Macramé wall hanging – urban outfitters
Arrow Curtain Rod – urban outfitters
Medium Floor Pillow/Dog Bed – The Wolf Nest
Ceramic Candle Votive –EMK Ceramics
Match Striker – Love Adorned

Wall art/gallery – All flea market finds. One of my favorites is the small tray with pressed flowers. I was torn between using this on the wall or as an actual tray. In the end having it on the wall lets me appreciate it everyday instead of having trinkets on it hiding the flowers. The Indian picture with the gold frame is also a favorite. Funny story, my girlfriend had that in her home and from the first time I walked into her house I was obsessed with it. Three years later she moved to London and was cleaning out her house, I ran over to claim it. I didn’t even have to move any pictures around for it to fit. I guess it was meant to be (ha-ha).

Credenza – Flea market find. I almost didn’t get this piece. My friend saw it, pointed it out to me and initially I was worried that it was too dark. I walked the whole flea market and ended up back to see it again and my friend convinced me it would work. It’s become a favorite and essential item. I am actually worried because my son is starting to crawl and always tries to grab the sides. The sliding glass doors are really delicate. I mean its vintage; surely it’s survived other babies, right?!

All plants – Venice Plants. They’ve been around for over 30 years and have the BEST selection of plants. They seem to be the only ones that survive in my house too. I definitely don’t have a green thumb so that says a lot.

Dried Flower Bouquet – Pigsty – Its my wedding bouquet that I hung upside down to dry. Hope at Pigsty is my go-to for flowers for all events. She did our wedding and our baby shower.

Coffee Table – flea market find. It’s an old Mexican door. I have such a deep love for this table. The age and story on the wood, the details on the legs, the hinges still attached, its definitely my all time favorite piece.

Large Floor Pillow/ Dog Bed – The Wolf Nest It’s made out of a vintage Chinese batik fabric. It was one of our very first pillows. I found the fabric in a flea market in Portugal and kept it with me for years, through all my moves. It’s been Pandu’s bed since we fostered him as a pup.

Mid Century Dining Table – Flea market
Dining Chairs – Craigslist
Sheep skin rug on dining chairs — Ikea
Rug— Francesloom
Ceramic Bowl – EMK ceramics
Ceramic Cup – EMK ceramics
Medium Ceramic Vase – EMK Ceramics
Large Ceramic Vase – EMK Ceramics
Napkins – The Wolf Nest
Rattan Hanging Lamp – Lily Ashwell
Gold wire hanging fruit basket – Ebay
Pink Linen Apron – Gjusta Goods
Waffle Towels – Gjusta Goods
Bread Bag – Gjusta Goods
Olive Oil – Gjusta Goods
Wood Cutting Boards – Gjusta Goods
Round Wood Tray – Gjusta Goods
Wood Fruit Bowl – Vintage / Flea Market

Cow Skull – I found this guy in a local street market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Shipping was going to cost double what I paid for it so I ended up flying home with it. The looks I got as I boarded the plane were priceless. It wouldn’t fit in the overhead so I had it in my lap the entire flight from Santa Fe to New York.

Duvet – Gjusta Goods
Large Sham Charcoal Pillows – Gjusta Goods
Decorative White Mud Cloth Pillow – The Wolf Nest
Indigo Throw – The Wolf Nest
Penelope Nightstand – west elm
Plants – Venice Plants
Large Basket (planter) – world market
Round Woven Mirror — west elm
Mid Century Dresser – Flea market
Lamp — Target
Flowers and Vase — Pigsty
Wooden hand – Venice Vintage Paradise
Small ceramic planter – General Store
Art (Live by the sun love by the moon) – Burro Goods
Moses Basket – Flea Market
Moses basket stand – Amazon
White Marble Wall Shelves — World Market
Gold Metal Shelf Brackets – World Market
Wooden Elephant – Venice Vintage Paradise
Small Basket – World Market

Macramé Wall Hanging – source unknown. This was another winner from my girlfriend’s house when she moved to London.

Mid- Century Storage Bed – west elm – We struggle with storage in the house. So this bed was perfect for us while still maintaining the mid century look.

Emmerson Reclaimed Wood Bed – west elm
Emmerson Reclaimed Wood Dresser – west elm
Duvet White – Gjusta Goods
Body Pillow Mustard – Gjusta Goods
Decorative Mud Cloth Pillows – The Wolf Nest
L-Beam Wall Shelf – west elm
Gold Cow Skull – Target
Plants – Venice Plants
Plant Stand – Venice Plants
Rug — Francesloom
White Mud Cloth Dog Bed/ Floor Pillow – The Wolf Nest
Indigo Throw – The Wolf Nest
Macrame Wall Hanging – modern macramé

Shower Curtain – Urban Outfitters
Baskets – World Market
Bath Mat – Anthropologie
Plant – Venice Plants
Wire Basket – Target
Crystals – Flea market

Rug — Francesloom
All Pillows (floor and accent) – The Wolf Nest

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