This Is the Best Twitter Account on the Internet and I Will Not Hear Otherwise

Twitter is a flawed, maddening, beautiful place that can be pretty taxing sometimes. But there is a beacon in the dark, a lighthouse amongst the hashtag ridden detritus: The US Consumer Product Safety Commision account. Hear me out.

While neither straight up humor or a necessary source for keeping up with our current news cycle, it is nevertheless one of the best accounts on the internet. It’s run by a genius. A genius who just wants to make sure you’re living your life as safely as possible. It doesn’t have to be entertaining, people come there for recall news. And yet it is. For example…

This handy tip about keeping your cleaning supplies labeled which is also a Backstreet Boys reference.

Or this tweet about medication safety that is ALSO a Backstreet Boys reference.

The account moves from dry…

To just straight up informative….

To weird…

The whole account is just a heady mix of earnest information wrapped in what, at first glance, looks like an alt-comedy bow. Someone was charged with making something that’s pretty boring (how many ways can you think of to remind people to change their fire alarm batteries?) and made a masterpiece.

Kudos to you, social media manager of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission! Thanks for keeping us safe AND entertained.



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