A New GQ Profile Sheds a Little Light on the World of Wes Anderson

At this point Wes Anderson has basically become design short hand. With things like Accidental Wes Anderson and Wes Anderson themed Airbnbs popping up all over the place, the director has created such an identifiable visual calling card that it’s easy to think it all just sort of …happens.

In a new profile over on GQ, members of Anderson’s elite group of frequent collaborators offer some insight into what goes into crafting the worlds he creates with each film. Here are a few things we learned:

Even his research process is enchanting:

Jeff Goldblum: For Grand Budapest Hotel, we were all in that hotel. Wes said, “Go to this room where all our research books that have led us to the production design are.” There were all these books about old hotels and a stack of about 20 DVDs. It was a lending library. I’d never seen To Be or Not to Be, the original one with Jack Benny. I’ve never seen Grand Hotel. Bergman’s The Silence? The whole thing is a kind of course that I love taking.

Jeremy Dawson: There’s a sequence in Isle of Dogs inspired by the Japanese artist and printmaker Hokusai’s prints of Mount Fuji. Wes organized that we could go one day up to the Metropolitan Museum, and they took us in the back and we got to go through their Hokusai collection. Could we have gotten a lot of those images just from what we already knew, from books and the Internet? Sure. But we got to do this amazing thing and be as exploratory as kids.

Clothes may actually make the man:

Jeff Goldblum: Everything is very particular with Wes—I think he has a tailor where he designs his own things.

Tilda Swinton: Wes dressed in a pale pink dressing gown and calling down the stairs to our reveling house party below to be quieter while we roll is a pretty perfect image of him at work.

Jason Schwartzman: We really didn’t leave the hotel. I’m very happy to just wear pajamas or a robe, as Wes is sometimes known to rock….at least in the company of his homies.

People just really like him:

Tilda Swinton: Suffice it to say, membership of this magnificent and joyful circus band is one of the great joys of my life.

F. Murray Abraham: When you meet him, you want to be around him—you want to be part of his society.

Head on over to GQ to read the full article, you will not be dissapointed.

More on Wes Anderson:

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