The Surprising Feature Joanna Gaines Sneaks Into a Laundry Room

We’re fans of any workspace that isn’t a cubicle. So when we saw Joanna Gaines’s idea of putting a desk in the laundry room, we were intrigued.

Southern Living reports that it turns out the laundry room desk idea is something from the spring issue of the Magnolia Journal, Chip and Joanna’s magazine.

“Jo reminds us in the spring issue of the Magnolia Journal that creating inspiration in rooms of our home that we spend a lot of time in is a worthwhile pursuit,” the Instagram caption reads. “After all, isn’t doing laundry more fun in a space like this? Pick up a copy of this season’s issue to read Jo’s tips on sprucing up your laundry room!”

In the photo, a white desk with a smooth brown wooden top is located against the laundry room wall, right next to the dryer. There are black and white tiled floors, as well as a wooden shelf with potted plants and a vintage horse print. What better way to wait for the laundry to finish.

Of course, one has to have a laundry room in order to make this work, but there’s certainly plenty of other nooks and crannies where a desk can best be used. Just don’t bring one into your neighborhood laundromat!



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