This New Gadget Wants to Make Flying With a Pet Less Stressful

With the recent controversy surrounding traveling with pets, it’s a fine time to be living in the technology age. Tech company Unisys has conjured up a solution that will put all pet owners at ease.

Debuted during the Cargo World Congress of the International Air Transport Association held in Dallas, Texas, their new Digi-Pet gadget allows pet parents to track and communicate with their fur babies throughout their flight.

“Large pets — whether accompanied or not — must travel in the cargo hold. Unisys Digi-Pet uses IoT sensors to provide pet owners with full visibility of their pet’s comfort and the environmental conditions, as well as enabling them to talk to their pet — calming both the pet and owner,” said Venkatesh Pazhyanur, Senior Industry Director of Freight Solutions for Unisys.

The software keeps passengers in the loop of what’s going on under the plane as far as temperature changes, oxygen levels, lighting, etc., while also alerting the staff if any safety concerns arise during travel. The subscription service comes equipped with video, photo and voice correspondence through the Digi-Pet app compatible with smartphones and tablets.

More ways to protect and pamper your pet:



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