A Fixer Upper-Style Tiny House Embraces the Outdoors

The porches you see on a lot of tiny houses are a bit vestigial — adorable, sure, but not good for much other than taking off your shoes. But the Roost 36 tiny house from Perch and Nest has a different design. From the spacious front porch to the retractable front wall, this is a tiny house that takes outdoor space very seriously.

In a way, this resembles a lot of other tiny homes: the peaked roof, the trailer base. But one thing is very different: a lot of that precious square footage has been assigned to a porch, big enough for lounging or dining outside. The porch has screens that can retract into the posts, so you can enjoy the outdoors even on a buggy evening.

The window wall that connects the living room with the porch can be completely retracted, so the whole home, essentially, becomes an outdoor space. (But there’s also an air conditioner, for you when you don’t want to be outside.) The unit’s petite kitchen has a sink and a tiny tw0-burner stove. The Semg refrigerator sits up on a drawer, to allow for additional storage.

For such a small house, the Roost 36 is well provided — with sleeping space. There’s a loft over the porch, reachable by a ladder, and another loft space above the bathroom, accessed by a twisting stair. Underneath the stair there’s space for another twin-sized bed. (It looks very cozy, although I imagine making the bed would be a bit of a challenge.)

In the bathroom there’s another unusual tiny house feature: a real bathtub. I can see the Roost 36 making a lovely vacation house — or maybe even a full-time home for a small family who’s looking to downsize (and doesn’t mind not having much privacy). I can imagine worse things than lingering on this porch late into a balmy evening.

Even if tiny homes aren’t your thing, there’s plenty here to be inspired by. This little house makes the most of its small footprint while embracing the outdoors — a good reminder that homes don’t need to be big to live large.

You can see more of this little home (including a video tour!) at Perch & Nest.

via Tiny House Town

// https://ift.tt/2BeEmmf


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