Beyoncé’s Former Hamptons Rental (Yes, Another One) Is For Sale

Depending on who you ask, this totally qualifies as one of those urgent questions that need answers: Who wants to live in a home Beyoncé once rented ? You can, that is if you have enough coins and crisp dollar bills to purchase Sandcastle, the Carters’ not-so-humble former rental in Bridgehampton that is now on the market for $49.95 million.

If you eagerly raised your hand then swiftly lowered it upon returning to reality, it’s perfectly ok to realize and accept that life is but a dream, and sometimes living vicariously through a pop star is the more feasible route to satisfaction. That said, let’s continue drooling over this house of our real estate fantasies because it’s obviously fit for entertainment royalty.

Back in 2012, Beyoncé and Jay Z holed up at 612 Halsey Lane, a 17,000-square-foot estate that cost them $400,000 to call home for a month. At the present time, homeowner Justin Farrell is looking to downsize from the 11-acre estate, which boasts 15 bedrooms, a bowling alley, a pool, a baseball field, a sunken Jacuzzi and a sunken outdoor tennis court as well as a basement equipped with a skateboarding ramp. There’s also a rock-climbing wall, a gym, a spa-steam room combo, and a basketball court.

Obviously, the Carters are no strangers to setting up shop in gorgeous properties in the Hamptons. After unloading her Midtown pad for a cool $10 mil in September of last year, Queen B and her rap star hubby subsequently acquired Pond House, a $26 million house in East Hampton. And just last month, Goose Creek, another of the couple’s former Hamptons rentals went up for sale. Among the home’s expectedly posh amenities were a 110-seat theater room, indoor and outdoor pools, 5.5 surrounding acres and a nearby pond across from the couple’s other Hampton’s getaway.



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