Swallowtail Is the Mid-Century Inspired Tiny House of Your Dreams

You can practically feel the breeze floating through this sun dappled tiny house. The Swallowtail is The Tiny House Company’s newest addition to its tiny home family.

Taking its cue from post-war homes, it has a unique butterfly roof, while a timber screen, ply cladding and corrugated sheeting provide “modern form with a typically Australian palette of materials.”

23 feet long and eight feet wide, the house is designed for growth. The open and minimal floor plan keep things looking uncluttered and clean. The windows and doors are positioned not only for maximum breeze and sunlight but to create enough space for people to add shelves and storage as they grow with the house. There’s a built-in daybed on the main floor and the loft, which has a drop down ladder, could be used for a twin mattress or storage. The kitchen space has butcher block countertops, a four burner stove a small oven, sink and a tiny desk. The bathroom has a full size shower.

The house is designed to withstand extreme climates, even “cyclonic” wind conditions. Add-ons are available to give the house more outdoor space including awnings, a deck and a window box. Basic models of the home start at around $62,500.

h/t Curbed

More tiny house treasures:

// https://ift.tt/2BeEmmf


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