Want to Travel More? Work for One of These 12 Companies

If your bucket list has more stops on it than a local train during rush hour, but your current employment status doesn’t allow for either the vacation time or travel funds to see the world, maybe it’s time to apply for one of these companies where jet-setting is just part of the job description.

Company review site Glassdoor.com is known for having the inside scoop with reviews from actual employees about where they love (and loathe) to work, and contributor Jillian Kramer just shared a dozen companies that not only will pay you to travel the world but are also currently hiring in 2018.

Travel industry bigwigs like airlines (Lufthansa, American, Delta), hotels (Marriott and Hilton), transportation (UBER), and top booking websites (Expedia) might be obvious targets for those looking to regularly pack their bags while collecting a regular paycheck. But others, like global credit cards (AMEX), entertainment and media (Walt Disney Company), and consulting firms (Deloitte, McKinsey & Company) might only look obvious in hindsight.

Sure, flight attendants, cruise directors, and concierges have always been attractive job options for those with a travel itch that’s impossible to scratch in just a few weeks of vacation per year, but it turns out that even the travel industry companies regularly hire for more unique positions — from staff photographers, videographers, and DJs to executive assistants, casino hosts, chefs, and even nurses.

True story: when I was in junior high, my siblings and I attended summer camp in the Berkshires for free because my mom took a gig as the full-time camp nurse — and right after college, I auditioned into the global touring cast of Ice Capades, which would have included skating performance dates on a cruise ship (sadly, the company went under before I had a chance to start my first day). If you put your mind to it, traveling while working can actually happen.

View the full rankings and links to open jobs over on Glassdoor.com, including even more options from their similarly ranked 2017 list.

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