Catch Unobstructed Views of the Aurora Borealis in This Icelandic Glass Hotel

Apparently, catching a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis isn’t the easiest exploratory feat to check off your travel bucket list. But one surefire way of increasing the odds of witnessing the shimmery cosmic phenomenon up close and in person is to spend a few nights in the Panorama Glass Lodge, a family-owned seaside retreat in Iceland that grants guests full access to remote relaxation and plenty of aurora-viewing opportunities throughout the duration of their stay.

Located far away from any source of light pollution in the western Icelandic town of Hvalfjörðu, the glass cabin igloo features an all-glass bedroom with a panoramic view and a private outdoor hot tub that accommodates two people (for those who enjoy a bit of steam with their stargazing). Only five other houses are located along the shoreline, but the house has blinds should guests want that extra bit of privacy.

In the event that you can’t tear yourself away from the alluring luminescence of the Northern Lights, the tiny cabin comes with everything to keep guests comfortable, including a fully equipped kitchen complete with a refrigerator, water heater, toaster, a dining table, a pair of electric stoves, a bathroom with a large rainforest shower, Wi-Fi, plus unlimited tea and coffee.

And here’s another excellent reason to book a stay at the Panorama Glass Lodge sooner than later: It’s only a 30 minute drive away from the nation’s capital city of Reykjavik, which has been dubbed one of the cheapest international destinations to fly to in April. Other nearby attractions include the Staupasteinn viewing platform, the Glymur waterfall and Mt. Esja, a prime spot for hiking.

In order to time your trip for appearances from the Aurora Borealis, the Panorama Glass Lodge website includes an Aurora Forecast and a Cloud Cover Map.

h/t Curbed



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