25 Totally Not Boring Minimalist Bedrooms

Your bedroom should feel like a personal sanctuary, so it’s not surprising many of us like to keep ours simple and clutter-free. And while minimalist-style bedrooms can sometimes come across as cold and empty, we rounded up 25 pared down rooms that still appear quite warm and inviting.

1. Above: A slim white desk placed at the end a clean-lined platform bed creates a chic bedroom workspace, like we saw on Drew’s home tour.

2. Color and minimalism don’t normally go hand-in-hand, but this simple bedroom via Maison shows it’s definitely possible to create a room that’s streamlined yet punchy.

3. A nightstand isn’t the only option for a bedside table, as seen in this guest room on A Cup of Jo. A wall sconce above the bed provides plenty of lighting without bulking up a pared down bedroom.

4. Keep a neutral bedroom palette interesting by incorporating a single muted shade of color into the scene; the blush-hued pillows we spotted on Domino keep things subtle.

5. Suspend a pair of black cord lights from the ceiling, like we saw on Robyn and Sam’s home tour, to liven up an all-white bedroom without distracting from the color scheme.

6. A simple leaning ladder in a room from Avenue Lifestyle offers ample storage opportunity in a subdued space.

7. We love these floating nightstands from Greg and Becky‘s Austin home. Though it might clutter things up, we’d suggest adding some baskets beneath for added storage.

8. This space from Coco Lapine shows how a muted minimalist bedroom still feels warm courtesy of unique textiles in gradient shades of gray.

9. With a wall color as luscious as the one in this space from Fantastic Frank, who needs anything more than a mattress and a place to perch a drink?

10. A simple all-white bedroom allows shapely furniture and engaging artwork to take center stage. Take a cue from Valentine’s home tour and layer in a cushy, cozy rug for some comfort underfoot.

11. The bright white paper lanterns and pendant sconces in this room from Lotta Agaton Interiors instantly elevate the decor.

12. A sleek pair of wall-mounted shelves moonlights as space-savvy nightstands in this minimalist bedroom from Rue Mag.

13. For fun bedside lighting that still feels minimalist, Facing North with Gracia simply draped a pair of string lights on the wall.

14. This gray rumpled room on IKEA takes advantage of a linear bed frame to hang decor and an adjustable work lamp.

15. Adriana Sierra’s home tour features an unfinished piece of wood as a headboard, which, without seeing it, would sound rough, but properly styled comes off cool and minimal.

16. This gorgeous bedroom on My Scandinavian Home employs a pink wall and low-profile furnishings that read as effortless yet stylish.

17. For an unexpected splash of color and texture in a black, white and gray bedroom, throw an extra chunky textile in a contrasting hue—like this super plush sienna stunner we spotted on Entrance Makleri—on your bed.

18. Here’s something we don’t often see: a bed in the middle of the room. From Laura Seppanen, it might be unusual, but definitely works, especially because the visual clutter is as a minimum in the space.

19. Here’s another low-profile platform bed, this time in a room from Design*Sponge. While there isn’t much in the space, a bold blanket and a pop of red via the chair in the corner is all the drama needed.

20. In a streamlined room, it’s all about making an impact with your select decor items. The bedroom in Sharon and Phil’s Australian home may be simple, but the architectural light fixture and overscale art really sing.

21. Bold prints can work well in a minimalist bedroom; clean graphic styles in neutral tones, such as the black-and-white blanket we spotted on Kvarteret Makleri, can quickly pep up a monotone bedroom scene.

22. The neon sign (in, of course, bright white), in this Austin bedroom proves you don’t need much to make a statement.

23. For uncomplicated bedside storage, forgo a bulky nightstand and opt for a low-lying stool instead, as seen here on Avenue Lifestyle.

24. Whoever says you can’t have a minimalist-inspired gallery wall obviously hasn’t seen this salon-style installation on Fantastic Frank. Stick with small images in neutral frames to keep things clean and uncluttered.

25. This quiet bedroom from Domino offers a refreshing way to integrate a bit color and texture into a minimalist scheme: adorn your nightstand or windowsill with some dainty floral arrangements and/or succulents.

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