Pattern Changing Wallpaper, Genetically Customized Cars, and More: The Best April Fools Pranks This Year

(Image credit: Rent the Runway)

Happy April Fools Day—AKA a day where you can’t trust anything on the internet. But if you’re down for a joke, we’ve rounded up some of the funniest, furriest, and weirdest ones from brands—and even a few we wish were real.

Don’t worry about making a wallpaper mistake again. “From bold florals to understated prints to trendy patterns, the new Scentsible Wallpaper collection makes it easy for design enthusiasts to instantly and remotely change the pattern of their wallpaper to match their mood, the weather or any occasion,” a press release stated. “Developed in-house using Wayfair’s patented imaging technology, the new Scentsible Wallpaper has unique pattern changing capabilities and scent emitting features that can be controlled with the touch of a button through Wayfair’s state-of-the-art app.” Watch a video of the product “in action” on their landing page.

(Image credit: Rent the Runway)

Because your best furrend needs looks for everyday or special occasions, too. Sadly for puppy parents, this isn’t a real thing, but we can imagine so many people who wouldn’t mind donning matching OOTDs with their four-legged pals.

Oils are so hot right now, and Auntie Anne’s has distilled their signature snacky scents down to their essential nature. The site reads very luxe beauty editorial, and the reviews really sell it: “Cinnamon Twist Essential Pretzel Oil saved my marriage.” Who can argue with that?

FreshDirect Rabbit Foraged Herbs

The newest farm to table innovation from the grocery delivery service is hopping along. Ned Hopper shows off how he trains the (adorable) bunnies of Honeysuckle Farm to forage for herbs.

T-Mobile Sidekick Smartshoephone

Remember the Sidekick? Well, T-Mobile is bringing it back, but this time it’s in a shoe. All that technology is at your feet—literally. So many sneaker puns ensue.


Described as the “intersection between seeing and meats”, this…interesting… partnership is “disrupting the fast eyewear food industry.”

Lexus Genetic Select

Lexus and DNA testing company 23andMe have teamed up for “the world’s first service using human genetics to match you with the car of your genes.” Your new Lexus is crafted around your specific chromosomes, and even comes with a personalized new car smell.



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