10 Instagram Accounts to Follow If You’re Obsessed with Tiny Houses

There’s no shortage of tiny houses on Instagram. Just enter #tinyhousemovement into your IG search bar and you’ll find an ample array of tiny house living accounts, offering an endless amount of (super) small space design inspo.

And even if you know deep down you’ll never take the tiny house plunge, that doesn’t mean you can’t live vicariously through someone who does. So, to help inspire your tiny living daydreams, we rounded up 10 Instagram accounts that truly capture the spirit of living small. From tiny house listings to a one-stop-shop for all things tiny living, read ahead for a few of our favorite tiny house IGs.

If you like finely crafted tiny homes…

If you ask Handcrafted Movement founder Matthew Impola, tiny living isn’t just about downsizing—it’s a lifestyle. No surprise then that the Handcrafted Movement IG account is filled with Impola’s own tiny house creations, along with his musings on the perks and challenges of tiny living, designed to inspire followers to make better use of their own spaces (no matter how small).

If you want to keep track of all the tiny houses on the international market…

Dubbed the “global tiny house marketplace” for a reason, @tinyhouselistings is constantly updating their feed with the latest tiny homes listed for rent or sale. From a mini RV in Idaho to a tiny mobile truck in Australia, this IG account is brimming with tiny house inspo from across the globe.

For daily tiny living inspo…

Highly curated and insanely inspiring, the Compact Living Instagram feed is filled with design-savvy—and super petite—spaces around the world, including an A-framed tiny cabin in Iceland and to a teeny wooden yurt in Colorado Springs. Follow now and thank us later.

For a behind-the-scenes peek of family life in a tiny California cottage…

Along with her husband, son, and beagle mixes Stanlee and Sophie, designer Whitney Leigh Morris lives in the Tiny Canal Cottage—a 362-square-foot house in Venice Beach. Her Instagram account offers daily updates of family life inside the micro-cottage, as well as tons of small space design inspo, including her all-white interior (which opens up the tiny home) and her miniature backyard garden.

If you hope to design your own tiny home someday…

An online hub for all things tiny houses, Tiny Living is a website devoted to tiny houses and the people who build them. Their IG feed is equally resourceful, providing links to current micro-home listings and as well as info on the materials used to make them.

For a mental micro-camping adventure…

Geared towards young urbanites looking to take a tiny-sized vacation, Getaway is a travel startup that specializes in super small Scandinavian-style cabins located in remote places. Their Instagram account is filled with serene pics of their various micro-cabins, encouraging followers to take a break from their everyday lives and escape to the great outdoors—tiny house style.

For a one-stop-shop for all things tiny…

If you’re secretly dreaming about designing your own tiny house from scratch, then you’ll definitely want to follow Tiny House Basics on Instagram. Founders Joshua and Shelley created the one-stop-shop for tiny house living after building their own 374-square-foot space (as seen on Tiny House Nation), allowing followers to buy everything from mini house shells to floor plans.

For an assortment of interesting tiny structures…

Along with forging design-forward tiny houses, Washington-based architecture firm Zyl Vardos specializes in other types of eco-conscious mini structures, such as tiny houseboats and miniature cabins. Naturally, their Instagram feed is jam-packed with all kinds of unique tiny homes they create, including their off-the-grid Moon Dragon House and a super small house shaped like a ship.

For the latest in tiny house design…

The official Instagram account of Tiny House Blog and Magazine, @tinyhouseblog is a resource for micro house lovers and builders, alike. Full of tiny house tours and design inspo shots, this addictive IG feed will keep you entertained for hours.

To witness the tiny house revolution…

The self-proclaimed “#1 source Tiny Homes on Instagram,” @tinyhousemovement is oozing with images of tiny homes from across the world. With nearly half a million followers, this IG feed is a favorite of both tiny house dwellers and enthusiasts.

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